Sprinkler Systems & Backflow Prevention

Riverview Landscaping prides itself in using innovative products from the top sprinkler system parts manufacturers. By using a combination of parts from companies such as Hunter and Rainbird our sprinkler systems have longer life expectancies, require less maintenance and repair and conserve water and most importantly provides high quality turf for outdoor living. We are so proud of our work that all sprinkler system installations are backed by one year of free maintenance and a three year warranty on parts and workmanship.

Riverview Landscaping is certified by the American Backflow Prevention Association. Backflow prevention is important to keep drinking water safe from contamination and is required by many water districts including Durango, Bayfield, Lake Durango and Edgemont. Contaminated drinking water has been linked to serious injury, illness and even death, but is easily prevented with proper backflow preventive measures.

ALCC Accreditation

Riverview Landscaping is fully Licensed, Insured and Bonded and the only Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado Certified Landscape / Irrigation technician.