Your Local Durango Certified Irrigation Technician

When planning a large landscaping project, you likely don’t want to trust just anybody to work with your landscaping, unless you can know they have experience and are trusted in the industry. Riverview Landscaping is the only source in Durango to find a Certified Irrigation Technician. When you see this certification backing a landscaping company, you can rest assured they have taken additional steps to go above and beyond for you and your landscaping.

From sprinkler installations to seed and sod installations, a Certified Irrigation Technician will be able to install your sprinkler system, backflow prevention components, as well as help repair and service these systems once installed. Having a quality irrigation system can mean the difference between a so-so garden and a “Wow” garden surrounding your home or business.

Along with a professional sprinkler system installation, a certified irrigation technician will also have all the qualifications to service and repair your system if needed in the future. For a professional experience in landscaping care, design, and maintenance, rely on the professionals at Riverview Landscaping. As the only landscaping company with a Certified Irrigation Technician in the Durango, CO area, Riverview Landscaping has the experience and certifications to stand behind the installations they do.

Even if you are planning on xeriscaping, calling in a certified landscaping company can ensure the plants in your garden or landscaping area are provided with just the right amount of water to keep your outdoor areas looking great while staying water efficient in our dry and arid climate.



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