We just set our clocks back, and anyone who has a sprinkler system for their landscaping, have likely already taken the steps to have their landscaper come in and winterize the sprinkler system. However, how many of us out there have taken the time to winterize the plants in our landscape?

  • Before the snow falls, make sure to remove any invasive weeds still lingering from the summer. Getting these pesky invaders now, will help prevent them from re-growing next spring when you are trying to bring your lawn back to life after the Durango winter.
  • Rake up your leaves, and let your lawn breath! While this is definitely one of the most tedious chores to take on every fall, getting the thick layer of fallen leaves off your lawn helps the grass to breath, thus helping to prevent mold from snow, or dead patches from a lack of sunlight, in your lawn come next spring.
  • For any garden beds, including, vegetable gardens, or annual flowers and plants, make winterizing these areas of your landscape a top priority after harvesting any fruits or vegetables. Old plant material should not be left in a garden bed through the winter, as this can create an ideal environment for plant diseases to spread next spring.
  • Did you make sure to winterize any outdoor fountains you may have in your landscaping? As with sprinkler systems, it is important to call in a qualified landscaping company, such as Riverview Landscaping, LLC in Durango, CO to properly winterize any water features you may enjoy throughout the summer. Just as with your sprinkler system, it is important to ensure the water is properly cleared from the water lines, to prevent leaks, breaks, or additional damages as the harsh winter season creeps up on us.

In the Durango area, we are fortunate to experience, and enjoy, the many differences of each season throughout the year. This also means we have some work cut out for us, as the changes in seasons often mean working with landscapers, such as the trusted team of Riverview Landscaping, LLC, and at times getting our hands a bit dirty by diving into our landscaping adventures on our own as well.


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