When Should you Hire a Landscaping Company?

When it comes to planting a garden, many of us can look at the flowers and plants we love so much and know it’s something we want, but creating it is a different story.

A skilled landscaping company like the team at Riverview will be able to not only help you choose the flowers, shrubs, trees, and plants which will grow the best in your yard, they can also design your garden for beauty and optimal growing capabilities.

 The condition of the soil in your yard, the angle of sun your home and garden see every day, and the amount of natural shade you have available, are all factors a skilled landscaper will consider when designing your landscape. Some plants thrive in an abundance of sun, while others prefer the shady alcoves under a tall tree.

Professional work by Riverview Landscaping

Professional work by Riverview Landscaping

Because gardens require a healthy amount of water on a regular basis, it is also important to find a landscaping company that is also skilled in installing sprinkler systems. A properly installed sprinkler system can actually be highly water efficient, even more so than watering your garden directly with a hose. Sprinkler systems also ensure consistent amounts of water are delivered to your garden and yard regularly, ensuring none of your plants are left thirsty on a hot sunny day.

 For a complete redesign of the landscape surrounding your home, or for other landscaping services offered by Riverview Landscaping, including concrete, flagstone, concrete pavers, sprinkler systems, turf installation and remediation, and maintenance.




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