What Do You Need To Do To Winterize Your Landscaping in Durango?

Autumn is here and it’s been predicted that this winter is going to be a brutal one. Here is what you might need to protect your lawn from this relentless winter season. Tips from Riverview Landscaping in Durango Colorado! Before winter truly sets in and we experience a hard freeze, you will need to prep your lawn by following a few simple steps. These are necessary if you’d like to keep your lawn looking great once Spring arrives in our beautiful Colorado mountain town! 

Clearing Leaves: Clearing leaves will keep your grass from drying out and other damage, a leaf blower is the most productive and efficient way to do this. If you don’t want a leaf blower because it’s expensive or maybe you feel like you might not need to use it at much you might want you to consider hiring a professional landscaping company.

Aerate Your Lawn: This will expose the roots of your grass to air, water and sunshine, which are all critical to the health of all plant. This is a necessary precaution to take if your lawn has been exposed to a fair amount of activity. Having a lot of traffic over your lawn can likely make it more compressed. Aerating will help your grass extract nutrients as well as breathe. 

Check pH Levels: Riverview Landscaping will assist you with a pH test to determine what your lawn might be lacking in nutrients. If your lawn is lacking certain nutrients, the length in which it rebounds in the spring may take longer. This is important because no matter what you do if your soil isn’t healthy your plants will not thrive.

Winterize: Riverview Landscaping can also help you find what kind of winterizing agents you might need based off of your lawns’ pH test. Winterizers have the nutrients essential for your plants health and have potassium and phosphorous to keep your lawn from drying out.

Prep Your Water Systems: The most important thing that you can do is to turn off your outside water so that your pipes don’t freeze because this can lead to severe pluming problems. Don’t forget to disconnect all of your hoses and anything outdoors that is connected to water.


You can always give us a call and have us do these things for you at Riverview Landscaping where our skilled professionals will be happy to winterize your lawn and give you any information that you might need.

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