Sod, Seed & Turf Installation

Riverview Landscaping installs Sod, Seeded Turf.

Sod, also known as turf provides for instant transformation of your yard. Besides the immediate change sod also provides:

  • A weed-free lawn with regular maintenance
  •  Increased curb appeal, which can raise the value of your property by up to 15%
  •  Help control pollution, 2,500 sqft of lawn provides enough oxygen for a family of 4
  •  Reduce soil erosion
  •  Natural Air-conditioning, turf lawn is up to 30-degrees of cooler than asphalt
  •  A wonderful space for playing, entertaining or just plain relaxing

Seed is a less expensive alternative to sod. Seed can provide the same benefits of sod, but will require more time and maintenance during installation to ensure the same quality outcome as sod.

The installation process for Sod/Turf and Seed is the almost the same. Riverview Landscaping goes through a multi-step process to assure the success of each installation. The process includes:

  • Taking a soil sample to help determine the correct mix and amount of fertilizer to supplement the soil.
  • The entire area will be weeded and tilled.
  • The area will be raked to smooth out the surface and to remove excess rocks and debris.
  • The custom mixed fertilizer will then be applied.
  • Sod or seed will then be installed over the entire area.
  • The area will need to be watered regularly for the first few weeks, after that we will reduce the water consumption and train your lawn to adjust to our climate.
  • Additionally, we recommend additional fertilization throughout the year, typically 3 times a season, as grass can thrive on less water if the soil is not starved of nutrients.


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