Professional Sprinkler Installation in Durango

Just because the temperatures are still dropping to freezing at night in the Durango area, does not mean it is too late to start planning ahead for your spring landscaping needs. 

Durango Sprinkler System

This is particularly true if you are planning on having a sprinkler system installed this year. If you have considered upgrading your watering system to an automatic sprinkler system, here are a few more things to think about before diving into an extensive project.

  • Do you have a landscaper chosen? If not, consider finding a qualified landscaping company, such as Riverview Landscaping, LLC, with experience installing sprinkler systems, in the Durango, CO area. While you may be able to find the components you need at many big-box hardware stores, chances are a professional landscaping company will be able to save you a lot of time, and hassle, when it comes to installing a sprinkler system.
  • Will a do-it-yourself sprinkler system come with a workmanship warranty? While many parts will carry a warranty, when you install your own sprinkler system you also run the risk of something going wrong, and having no one to call for help! At Riverview Landscaping, LLC, every sprinkler installation is covered with one year of free maintenance, and a three-year warranty on parts, and all workmanship!
  • Will you want your sprinkler system to account for rainy days? Newer technology, including rain sensors, can trigger your system to water less, or none at all, on rainy days, depending on how much moisture is sensed. Not only does this technology help save water, it can also help prevent overwatering your landscape.
  • Do you grow a variety of plants? Many sprinkler systems are installed-in zones, allowing for more control over the flow of water to various plants throughout your landscape. Make sure to discuss the different types of plants you regularly grow with your landscaper, to ensure the optimal amount of water is delivered to each area of your garden and lawn.

When you want to save time, water, and money, on your sprinkler system, calling a professional is the smart move. Rather than struggle through the process yourself, give us a call at Riverview Landscaping, LLC for all of your Durango, CO landscaping needs!


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