Professional Backflow Testing

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your drinking water it is vital to have your backflow prevention device inspected annually. For anyone who has a sprinkler system installed, making sure your backflow device is working properly will prevent contaminated water from your lawn from mixing with your drinking water from your taps. This is not only recommended, but also required by state policies throughout Colorado.

Sprinkler Backflow Testing in Durango

Backflow devices help to ensure the pesticides, fertilizers, and other runoff materials in your lawn, garden, or landscaping, are not intermixed with your drinking water. Backflow prevention devices are installed on cross-connections in plumbing systems. These devices help to redirect the contaminated water away from a home or building’s plumbing system, preventing cross-contamination between the two.

Even properly installed backflow devices will need to be tested annually to ensure proper functioning. Riverview Landscaping is a qualified and experienced backflow inspector in the Durango. As a sprinkler installation and landscaping company, we are educated in installing and maintaining backflow devices for your home or building’s sprinkler system. 

Doing your part as a homeowner and having your backflow prevention system tested regularly by a professional is easy with the help of Riverview Landscaping, LLC. We will meet you at your property with our equipment for the testing, and make sure your device is not inadvertently draining lawn water into your home drinking water system, or your neighbor’s!



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