coneflowerXeriscape is a term used to describe water wise landscaping. A xeric landscape will follow a few principles to reduce the amount of water your landscape needs.

  • Proper Landscape Design, Site Layout: Slopes, sun exposure, water drainage, runoff from roofs/hardscape and shade should all be taken into consideration.
  • Soil Conditions: Proper soil conditions will allow all of your softscapes; trees, plants, shrubs, and turf to thrive with less water than poor soil conditions. Soil conditioning should be considered in all planting areas, with the proper soil amendment.
  • Plant Selection: Proper plant selection will decrease water usage. Proper placement of plants in your landscape will allow plant life to thrive with the correct amount of water.
  • Natural water: All water sources should be considered; runoff, rain water. Areas where runoff and rain water occur can be enough for some plants to live on.


  • Irrigation/ Sprinklers: A Xeric landscape can use modern sprinkler systems installed by qualified technicians to reduce the amount of water used. Drip irrigation systems, proper sprinkler head installation and automatic timers will reduce the amount of wasted water.
  • Turf: Proper turf installation, turf selection, maintenance and irrigation will help reduce the amount of water your turf needs.
  • Mulch: Mulching all garden areas will help reduce the amount of water your trees, shrubs, flowers will need.
  • Fertilization: Proper fertilization or feeding of your plants will help them thrive and use less water than without fertilization.

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