Sprinkler System Installation

As summer begins to wind down, now is as great a time as any to start thinking about the longevity of your yard. If the hot summer sun has taken a toll on your grass, it’s time to consider how to restore its beauty and keep it looking great year-round. With a sprinkler system installation from the professionals at Riverview Landscaping, your yard will be easily maintained and look great throughout all seasons.   

Sprinkler System Installation Durango

A professional sprinkler system provides convenient, hands-off maintenance, but its benefits are far greater than that. With the installation of a sprinkler system, your lawn will receive regular watering, at exactly the right level. Unlike a traditional hose with a sprinkler head attachment, a sprinkler system will actually conserve water, dispersing just the right amount of water necessary to keep your yard healthy and beautiful, at regular times, without wasting excess water. While it might feel like sprinkler season will soon be drawing to a close, fall is actually a great time to have a sprinkler system installation done. Comfortable temperatures mean the ground won’t be overly wet or dry, allowing for a smooth, and generally easy, installation.

If you’re thinking of investing in a sprinkler system, don’t undertake the installation by yourself; relax and let the experts at Riverview do it for you! Our Certified Irrigation Technicians will be able to quickly and efficiently get the job done, and will ensure your backflow system is working properly to keep drinking water uncontaminated, a requirement in Durango and the surrounding areas. Our professional sprinkler system installation also comes with one year of free maintenance and a three-year parts & workmanship warranty, so you can rest assured we’ll stand by our work.

We can take care of all of your landscaping needs. Whether you’re looking for a sprinkler system installation, seed & sod installation, or thinking of xeriscaping your yard, we’ll make sure your yard looks beautiful and is well-cared for year round.

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