Combine Xeriscaping and a Sprinkler System to Save Water

When you think of xeriscaping, does your mind immediately jump to arid landscapes filled with rocks and succulents? While this is a popular style of xeriscaping, there are also many other options and designs to consider, including adding a patio, sprinkler system, or low water plants throughout your landscape. 

Xeriscaped Durango Yard

Xeriscaped Yard by Riverview Landscaping in Durango


With the help of Riverview Landscaping in Durango, CO you can get the outdoor living area you have been dreaming of, while taking advantage of water-saving benefits at the same time.

Another option to consider if you are planning on updating your landscaping is to look at having a sprinkler system installed. Contrary to popular belief, a properly installed sprinkler system can bring you many water saving benefits, including time specific watering, or a drip system which is ideal for any xeriscaping design in the Durango area. With the proper placement, a drip system can water just your plants, and at the ideal times of day to deliver the exact amounts of water to your landscape.

Many homeowners will opt to combine a patio into their xeriscaping design, bringing in an added level of functionality and beauty in the contrasting element. Riverview Landscaping, LLC can help you design a patio that will be both functional for you and your landscaping. For example, many plants incorporated into a xeriscaping design, can easily be watered with runoff from an adjacent sprinkler system or natural rainfall, with the help of a gentle slope in your new patio directed toward any nearby plants.

This year, it may be time to break away from traditional landscaping methods, and consider xeriscaping for a truly unique design that will be perfect for your outdoor living area needs. 

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