Sprinkler Systems in Durango

Professional Backflow Testing

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your drinking water it is vital to have your backflow prevention device inspected annually. For anyone who has a sprinkler system installed, making sure your backflow device is working properly will prevent contaminated water from your lawn from mixing with your drinking water from your taps. This is not only recommended, but also required by state policies throughout Colorado.

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Combine Xeriscaping and a Sprinkler System to Save Water

When you think of xeriscaping, does your mind immediately jump to arid landscapes filled with rocks and succulents? While this is a popular style of xeriscaping, there are also many other options and designs to consider, including adding a patio, sprinkler system, or low water plants throughout your landscape. 

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Your Local Durango Certified Irrigation Technician

When planning a large landscaping project, you likely don’t want to trust just anybody to work with your landscaping, unless you can know they have experience and are trusted in the industry. Riverview Landscaping is the only source in Durango to find a Certified Irrigation Technician. When you see this certification backing a landscaping company, you can rest assured they have taken additional steps to go above and beyond for you and your landscaping.

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Professional Sprinkler Installation in Durango

Just because the temperatures are still dropping to freezing at night in the Durango area, does not mean it is too late to start planning ahead for your spring landscaping needs. 

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Sprinkler System Installation

As summer begins to wind down, now is as great a time as any to start thinking about the longevity of your yard. If the hot summer sun has taken a toll on your grass, it’s time to consider how to restore its beauty and keep it looking great year-round. With a sprinkler system installation from the professionals at Riverview Landscaping, your yard will be easily maintained and look great throughout all seasons.   

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