Riverview Landscaping’s Comprehensive Landscaping Package

Spring is in the air and more time will be spent outside rather than inside. It’s your opportunity to enhance the landscape that you never got around to last spring. We can help you create that outdoor oasis for summer parties or evening relaxation.

Our Comprehensive Package provides you the best value for your money. Once a design is created and agreed upon with the owner, unwanted vegetation is removed and the area that is to be landscaped, is leveled and graded.

Depending on the design, patios and walkways are installed before any turf or gardens, then a sprinkler system is installed. Once that is completed, the garden area is planted and mulch or other material is put in place. Turf areas are then prepped for sod or seed which is placed and heavily watered for the first 2 weeks.

All plants that are purchased from Riverview Landscaping and hooked up to our sprinkler system, are guaranteed for 1 year. Plus, the first year of sprinkler system maintenance is included! As an additional bonus to the Comprehensive Package there is a 3 year warranty on all workmanship.

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