Landscaping in the Fall with Riverview

The season has officially changed, and the leaves are beginning to fall in Durango. For many, this may bring about the need to have your sprinkler systems winterized, and back flow devices inspected before the cold winter months are officially upon us.


Autumn Durango

For some, this season also means, a new design, as the colors of the changing season transform a garden or outdoor living area. Just because your sprinkler system may have already been prepared for winter does not mean it’s too late to do some work. Working with Riverview can mean you too can have a beautiful landscape, which lasts long into the fall season.

Integrating trees and shrubs into your design can help the colors in your outdoor living area maintain their beauty well past the end of summer. We are lucky to experience the brilliant transformation of trees as the weather begins to change. Take advantage of these colorful palettes for years to come with our help. We work with our clients to design and install the landscaping designs you have dreamed of, and those which will continue to bring beauty to your outdoor living areas throughout the years to come.

Knowing the climate and your type of yard is important for creating the ideal oasis. For a landscape you can enjoy through the seasons and years, call Riverview for all your landscaping needs. We are also certified irrigation technicians and back flow testers highly trained for the services you need all year round.

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